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Maximizing your investment by delivering a project on time within budget.

Planning & Permitting
Construction Management
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Multi-Family Properties, Apartment Complexes, Quick-Turn Properties, Rental Portfolio(s)


We listed to your ideas, and built from the existing foundations to meet your project's layout and design!

Why You Should Choose Us

Our Custom-Built Simplify Homes give you an existing foundation and shape – but everything inside (layout, features, rooms, style, decor etc) is up to you!


To balance out our creative big ideas, we also tackle all project management aspects of every project - tying up every last details with a neat and tidy bow.

A "Simplified" Process

We’ve created a thoughtfully designed hands-off process so you can do what you do best, manage real-estate!

Your budget. Your design. Your property.

A beautiful and profitable real estate property doesn’t come with a single style or price tag. Your unique design, goals, and resources all come into play when you work with Simplify Construction. Simplify the process, and start building your space.

Making "Custom" Affordable.

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